You are all very eager (including you @sun_shadows) to know how we got on with our submissions to the Guardian Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize.

We are determined to be as transparent about this as we are about our publishing, so here is all the data presented in a handy infographic. All design and hard work credit goes to the wonderful Becca, who used to make this.

(She’s also built this awesome submissions-by-city Google map, which is fascinating.)

I think my favourite is the word cloud of the titles (lots of BLOOD going on here). I am most surprised that we have more entries from the US than we do from the UK, and I do wish there had been more for 9-12 year olds!

There is definitely lots of reading going on; we estimate that we are about one-quarter of the way through.

Anybody want to take a guess at what gender, what genre and what country the winner will be from?