After a month or so of interning at Hot Key HQ (catch up here), I think it’s time to tackle the question that is on everyone lips (!) . . . what exactly do I do?

Well let’s break it down with some snazzy maths*

*Numbers are subject to change, or not match . . . not a mathematician

  1. 60% Biblio:


  • Biblio in a nutshell is software that stores all book data. Everything to do with the book, the author, contracts, contacts and so forth.
  • I basically input information to do with specific books into Biblio. So things like filling out the description of the book, author information, their agent, the cover and so on.
  1. 15% Reading manuscripts
  2. 10% Mailing books and other things out to people
  3. 10% Publishing meetings:
  • Here we generally look at new titles and covers.
  1. 3% Eating chocolates and biscuits
  • Just for brain stimulation and increasing attention to detail of course.
  1. 2% Ooh-ing and aah-ing over new books and their pretty, pretty covers.
  • Case in point:

Clariel Tiger2


I’m really enjoying it – especially because I get to see the different stages a story goes through to become an actual book with a cover and all. Pretty darn awesome stuff. Plus, because I actually work and have some say in things, I feel like I’m contributing in some way, even if I am an intern!

I still have so much to learn but by asking lots and lots of questions (no matter how silly!) and everyone being so patient and answering them, I’m slowly, slowly getting the hang of it and understanding and actually using the publishing ‘lingo’ correctly (exciting times) so there’s that!

So do you have any questions about how publishing works? I’ll try to answer them (new master of publishing here) or ask someone with the ‘know’!