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The new book from Linda Coggin


Hot Key asked if I would write a post here about my new book THE DOG, RAY.  I thought I’d show you a picture – actually several pictures of the inspiration for the story – my own dog Beezle.

Beezle and Pixie

Beezle in the background with his long term companion Pixie the wolfhound

Beezle is now a thirteen year old Lurcher- just a tiny bit older than Daisy, the girl in the story who is twelve.  At the very start of the story she dies in a car crash and comes back to earth, reincarnated as a dog. I wanted her to keep her memories and opinions that she had when she was a girl, to the outside world  though, she is still just a dog.

There are great advantages of being a dog as I’ve seen while watching Beezle and his long time companion Pixie – the wolfhound.


Pixie imagining she’s a lap dog and sitting on one of my daughters


Living with Pixie is not like living with a dog – more like a huge bear and she doesn’t do many dog things but Beezle loves doing all that stuff.  Chasing things, barking at things, fetching and chewing things, lying around a lot… and so it was that  Beezle let me into the world of dog that Daisy had to enter.

dog pic 4

I met some great people in the writing of this book. It brought my agent and myself together – after what seemed like years of sending manuscripts out to people trying to find an agent.

I’ve learnt about the fantastic things that guide dogs can do for their disabled owners, like alerting them, if they are diabetic, that their blood sugar is low or taking washing out of the machine and putting it in a basket. I’ve talked with homeless people living out on the streets with their dogs and how that saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ definitely applies to them.

THE DOG,RAY was originally bought by Chinese and Taiwanese publishing houses because  a lot of people in these countries believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation comes from the Latin and literally means ‘ entering the flesh again’. It is the religious or philosophical idea that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. I like the idea though I don’t necessarily believe it. For the writing of Daisy’s story however, I thought it might be fun to imagine what it would be like to come back as something else , like a dog,  particularly if you were able to retain the memory of who or what you’d been before. So that is what I did!

dog pic 5

I hope you enjoy reading the book!

THE DOG, RAY by Linda Coggin is out in hardback now, priced at £10.99 RRP.