To paraphrase Paul McCartney, this is an ever-changing world in which we’re livin’, and which has no bigger example than the world of books. The ways in which you can consume a story continue to multiply, which frankly for readers and writers alike can only be a good thing.
In reflection of the world of FEARSOME DREAMER, which has a stark divide between two technologically opposing cultures, I’m doing a challenge.
And I totally challenge you to do it too :)
The challenge: read in only one format for the whole month of April. If you’re a digital type, read physical. If you’ve never tried audio – try nothing but audio. For one month. Record your experiences on #papervspixels and share them with us on tumblr, twitter, YouTube or your blog – and let me know how you’re doing @LaureEve too!
Will you change over permanently?

Tweet your allegiance on #papervspixels, or download a paper or pixels graphic – we want to hear which format you’ll be choosing and why! We’ll be joining Laure and tweeting our progress throughout the month too – watch this space for a video on what formats the HKB team have chosen…

papervspixels graphic paper papervspixels graphic pixels