October Book Club Pick: THE LETTER FOR THE KING

I couldn’t have been more excited when Sanne asked me to pick a book to discuss in the next Book Club! But alas, with a great power comes a great responsibility and I couldn’t just pick one. I knew I wanted a younger voice/narrator as I’ve been reading older fiction lately and had a long list that I managed to narrow down a bit but in the end,  faced with the dilemma, I turned to twitter so we could all decide together and as you may have guessed from the title of this post, we picked THE LETTER FOR THE KING.

TheLetterForTheKingWritten by Dutch author and illustrator Antonia “Tonke” Dragt in 1962 over a million copies of the book have been sold worldwide appealing to both children and adults alike and has been said to be as fascinating and captivating as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It was translated into more than a dozen languages before finally being published in English for the very first time just a few months back. At 450 pages it’s the perfect read for long autumn evenings snuggling up with a cup of hot choc.

Will you be reading with us or have you already read/reviewed it? Let us know in a comment or on Twitter @HotKeyBooks. You can also follow our reading updates on GoodReads!

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