Hello, my name is Rosi and I am a children’s book nerd. I have an Elmer the Elephant badge pinned to my coat, a WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE fabric print hanging in my room and I’ve seen every Hunger Games movie with my Mockingjay pin proudly on display. Not to mention of course that I work for a children’s publisher! But I have a deep, dark secret – I’ve never read HARRY POTTER. *awaits shrieks of dismay and banishment from the children’s book world*

Well to be entirely truthful I started – I read books 1-4 as a child and then for various reasons didn’t pick up book 5 – I couldn’t afford a hardback, it looked well long and heavy, and by this point I had discovered a burgeoning world of teen fiction I was devouring and didn’t feel the Potter hysteria anymore. So I stopped there.


Over the years many other people have sympathized, saying they too got stuck on the fifth book, and I always thought one day I would catch up. Well that time is NOW. Inspired by watching my way through the first four movies I decided to get on with catching up with HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX and I am recruiting the rest of Hot Key to join me in reliving the series for the December Book Club. Seeing as how the Harry Potter editor works at Hot Key too, it seems like we could have some intriguing thoughts and one day maybe I’ll even finish the series and however many years later catch up with my fangirling!!

Why not join us and reread HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX in December! We’ll post our video review at the end of the month.