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NaNoWriMo Writer Pep Talk

NaNoWriMo, if you didn’t know, is National Novel Writing Month, where writers take a deep breath, let themselves go and try to write 50,000 words in a month. It wonderful writing madness that I heartily encourage. The 1,667 per day quota is burned into my memory from 2007 when I raced fellow author and editor […]

Writing Advice from YOU: Getting to know your characters.

Today we have some writing advice for you, straight from our Twitter feed! Sometimes you hear stories about authors who have boxes and boxes filled with notebooks about all their characters, and that made us curious about how many authors actually do this (or if they prefer something completely different). So this morning we asked […]

Ask a Publisher via SCBWI-BI

Today the wonderful Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators – British Isles – continue the amazing Ask a Publisher podcast series, where they visit loads of exciting UK childrens’s publishers and ask all sorts of fascinating questions. Today, our own Sarah Odedina is interviewed. It’s 20 minutes all about what Hot Key looks for, […]

Writing Advice from YOU: Writing Prompts

Writing can be hard, and we know sometimes all you need is a prompt (or a picture of a cat) to help you. On this edition of Writing Advice from YOU, we got you both! Writers! Do you use anything (books, websites, etc) for writing prompts? Send us a tweet and you will be featured […]

How to Write a Prize Winning Book

Last week we posted a recap of the BookTube panel at the London Book Fair (including a video of the full panel) and today we have a treat for everyone who missed out on one of our other panels: How to Write a Prize Winning Book. We recorded the audio from the entire panel and […]

Writing Advice from YOU: The Biggest Lesson So Far

We are always eager to share writing advice and since lots of our Twitter followers are authors, we love to hear from them! This week we asked the following question: Authors, here’s another question for Writing Advice from YOU on our blog: What is the biggest thing you’ve learned on your journey so far? — […]

Writing Advice from YOU: Do you sketch characters or maps?

We already know that lots of our authors like to draw maps and characters to help them with the writing process. Edward Carey, author and illustrator of HEAP HOUSE, posts a new character drawing on his Twitter account @EdwardCarey70 every Friday! Just finished the Tailor of Foulsham, something between Jack the Ripper and Wee Willy […]

Money Where Your Mouth Is

This post is long overdue, but all the excitement of World Book Day took over. I am obsessed with children’s books, and sometimes I have a hard time explaining why. “Because they are just so good!” Luckily, there is Katherine Woodfine of @followtheyellow and Booktrust, who put together an entire team of people to help […]

Writing Advice from YOU: Where do you find your inspiration?

For this edition of Writing Advice from YOU we asked our Twitter followers what inspires them to write. Enjoy the answers and hopefully you will be able to discover some new sources of inspiration too! Calling all writers! For tomorrow’s blog post we want to know: which movies, books, TV shows etc. inspire you most? […]

Writing Advice From YOU: 2014 Writing Resolutions

For this edition of Writing Advice from YOU we decided on a new year theme. We asked our Twitter followers the following question… Last week you shared your 2014 reading resolutions with us. Now we’d like to know: What are your WRITING resolutions? #writingadvicefromyou — HotKeyBooks (@HotKeyBooks) January 8, 2014   @HotKeyBooks to write every […]


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