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What’s Inside SPAM? (Or, Marketing Advice)

It’s time for another Q&A! This time we asked the twitterverse for questions about that tricky beast: MARKETING. And what came back was a lot of variations on this question: @booksandquills @HotKeyBooks @CaitDavies What would you say the key skills are for going into marketing in publishing? — Sammy Mann (@SammyMannatee) June 18, 2014 We […]

Money Where Your Mouth Is

This post is long overdue, but all the excitement of World Book Day took over. I am obsessed with children’s books, and sometimes I have a hard time explaining why. “Because they are just so good!” Luckily, there is Katherine Woodfine of @followtheyellow and Booktrust, who put together an entire team of people to help […]

Auntie Hot Key – Getting into publishing

Hi there! It’s time for another Auntie Hot Key post where we answer all your burning questions about publishing. Do you have any questions about publishing you’ve been dying to ask? Send us an @reply and Auntie Hot Key will answer them on the blog! — HotKeyBooks (@HotKeyBooks) February 14, 2014 This week, I am […]

Our First Publishing Jobs

Over the last months we’ve frequently posted blogs with advice on internships, applying for jobs and writing CVs, but today we want to share some of our own stories with you. At the end of 2012 I made a video with my flatmate, Rosianna Halse Rojas (@papertimelady), called ‘Crisis 2k12‘. In the video we talk […]

Aunty Hot Key: Marketing, or How to Help Make Books Sell

Hello! I’m very pleased to take on the role of Giver of all Good Advice today – about Marketing – or, as I like to call it The Most Important Part of Publishing *hides from editors* I’ve been working in marketing in children’s books for over 10 years now and I like to think I […]

Publishing Career Advice from Aunty Hot Key

Thanks so much to all who submitted questions about how to break into children’s publishing. I couldn’t decide which questions to answer, so I’ve decided to tackle them all! @HotKeyBooks Aunty HotKey, I've been a bookseller for 10 years & have done four weeks work experience with publishers. What else can I do?! — Kate […]

The Best Job Application

I am so excited to be kicking off yet another new feature all about Publishing Career Advice on our revamped blog. I’ll be “Aunty Hot Key” and answer your questions about how to get a job in publishing. DOUBLE-POST This new feature launch will come in a two-post extravaganza (Gasp, two in one day!), because […]

Want to Work in Children’s Book Publishing?

Last week, we did A Day in the Life… video series featuring all our fantastic assistants and what they do. We’ve had an amazing response – mostly people wanting to know how they can break into the industry. If you missed it, see yesterday’s round up check it out here (or below). I’ve already blogged […]

A Day in the Life of a Design Assistant

Today we bring our Day in the Life series to a close with a video from our design department. Our two creative geniuses Jet and Jan work endlessly to deliver cover designs that prompt massive amounts of ooh-ing and ahh-ing in our publishing meetings. So today, Jan is going to bring you along as he […]

A Day in the Life of a Sales, PR and Marketing Assistant

There is a special team of people here at Hot Key Books — they call themselves the SPAM team — who are responsible for all the Sales, PR, and Marketing activity around our books. These five ladies are the brains behind every ad, every event, every Twitter hashtag and Facebook contest we have here at […]


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