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“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

Hello, Cait again! You may remember me from such blogs as ‘Chatting, Doodling and Pineapple-Owls’, ‘Behind the Scenes with Dawn O’Porter & the 2014 GOOSE Tour’ and, a classic from way back in 2012 – ‘A Day in the Life of a Sales & Marketing Assistant’. It’s that last blog that I’m looking back on […]

Lovely name – how do you say it?

The funny thing about books is that although there are words written on a page, they aren’t just a visual medium. The words on the page are sounded out inside our heads, which means the very sound of the words is just as important as how they are written. Where this can become problematic, I […]

Back to School: Assigned Books We LOVED

Back to school season is in full swing and today we wanted to cheer everyone up a bit. Here is a selection of books that we were forced to read in school, but that we ended up absolutely loving! When you’re at school you’re forced to learn and do that you just don’t want to. […]

The Internet versus Banned Books

Today’s blog is by Katharine, a student from the US who has been interning at Piccadilly Press and helping out on social media across Piccadilly and Hot Key. Over the last few months I have been lucky enough to work at Piccadilly Press as an intern. As an aspiring children’s publisher it has been an […]

Our Experiences at Summer in the City

Last weekend we were at Summer in the City, a massive YouTube gathering at Alexandra Palace. We sold books at our stand, had a We Were Liars board where people could write down lies, a book swap and lots of bean bags for people to read in. For most of us it was the first […]

The Rights of the Reader

When I was a child I was not a keen reader. But as I became a teenager my interest grew, and by the time I left school I could safely be described as an avid reader.  I had to leave school to love reading.  I, like so many other young people, confused reading with expectation […]

Reading Music #1 – WE WERE LIARS

Sometimes it’s a certain scent, sometimes it’s the exact spot you were sitting, sometimes it’s a phrase. They’re all triggers that take you straight back to how you felt when you read THAT book. The one that you just couldn’t stop thinking about while you were reading it, the one that you just had to […]

YALC – If you weren’t there

We arrived at 8:15 on Saturday morning and walked past HUNDREDS of people in fantastic costumes. We felt a tiny bit guilty as we flashed our badges, and skipped the queue, then we rushed to set up our stand before the onslaught. From 9am sharp, Earls Court exploded in a frenzy of fandoms. And there […]

Independent Booksellers Week BOOKSHOP CRAWL

We all know about pub crawls, but you know what would make them a lot better? Books! This week it is Independent Booksellers week and to support the Indies there is a Bookshop Crawl tomorrow on the 5th. The instructions are simple: visit as many independent bookshops as possible in one day and collect book […]

Ava Dellaira on her favourite Teen Movies

Today’s blog post is from the wonderful Ava Dellaira, author of LOVE LETTERS TO THE DEAD which has just been optioned by Fox2000 with producers of The Fault on Our Stars. (YAY!) And how nice to have a blogpost with American spellings (says the only American in the office)! Five Favorite Movies from my Teens […]


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