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Paper vs. Pixels: Confession Time

Ok! So we are 17 days into joining Laure Eve’s #papervspixels challenge – and it’s CONFESSION TIME here in the Hot Key office. It’s been really interesting hearing everyone’s experiences as they get to grips with a new format – and we’ve loved hearing all of your confessions on twitter too, so keep them coming! […]

All Our Money Goes to Books

We’re already 10 days into the #papervspixels project and it’s been quite a challenge. It’s even messing with our usual book buying habits! Here are some of the books we’ve bought this month. I bought this lovely picture book by Sarah Bee and Satoshi Kitamura called THE YES, which has shades of Dr Seuss’s heart […]

School Library Project: Classic vs. Contemporary

Before I started working at Hot Key, I read Julia Eccleshare’s (The Guardian’s Book Doctor) article, Should schools buy new Children’s books or stick to the Classics? which came as a response to a parent who said that her children had been reading the same books at school over a span of 10 years. Eccleshare […]

Don’t Let Dutch Bookshops Disappear

About a year and a half ago I moved from the Netherlands (where I’d lived my entire life) to London. There are so many exciting things that London has to offer and one of them is a huge variety of bookshops. I traded my local Dutch bookshops (with a limited selection of English novels) and […]

Authors for the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines on Friday (8 November), causing catastrophic damage. It is the strongest storm ever to make landfall, hitting an area where thousands of people are already homeless after an earthquake in mid-October. The 300-mile wide typhoon – locally known as Yolanda – has left a trail of destruction with thousands […]

“It wasn’t like this in my day”: on fame and female role models

Last week, team SPAM had an outing. A cultural event to see performance artist Bryony Kimmings‘ new show ‘Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model‘, which she performs with her 9 year old niece (thanks Gemma Cairney for the tip!). The piece is inspired and created with her 9 year old niece after Kimmings started spending more […]

More Than Dyslexia

Recently we received an email from Bethan Mitchell, who is writing a dissertation on dyslexia for her BA Graphic Design and discovered our Maggot Moon multi-touch iBook, which also deals with this topic. Seeing as it is Dyslexia Awareness Week, we asked Bethan to share the idea for her dissertation with us. Of the 4,000,000 […]

Tara Books in India

In Chennai there are many people with the names of Russian revolutionaries – Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky. It is a radical kind of place. It is the kind of place where ideas are held in some regard, where people have strongly held beliefs, where people want to make things happen. What better place to […]

Birth Object Randomiser

Every member of the Iremonger family in HEAP HOUSE by Edward Carey gets a birth object that they will keep with them their entire life. And Clod is the only one who can hear them say their name. Are you curious what your birth object would be? Use the Birth Object Randomiser below to find […]

Can you write an e-novella for us?

For those dedicated twitter followers out there, you will have have seen a sneak peek of this over the weekend, but today we are officially launching our brand new digital-first imprint Hot Key Unlocked – and we need you! This November we are releasing the first three ebook novellas in our brand new genre imprint […]


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