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Book Art DIY Project: Embroidered Illustrations

Book illustrations can be so evocative, inspiring and beautiful that sometimes we want more than to just have them inside our books. You could buy a beautiful print of one of your favourites, like this cow, dish and spoon by Emma Chichester Clark – if you have the pocket money to do so. Or you could […]

The Meaning of Books, Blankets, Emily and Me

100 DAYS OF APRIL-MAY is being released today and in honour of this we have a blog post by Edyth Bulbring about books, blankets and her daughter. Soon after my daughter, Emily turned fourteen years old, things turned rotten between us. I was complete rubbish for a mother and she was the most conflicted of teens. […]

Books > Wifi router: a Book Art DIY Project

A while ago I spotted this brilliant DIY project, and now I hereby present to you, dear reader, this very simple and quick book art project to beautify your wifi router. What better way than by disguising it as a book? (Also, please note I’m trying very hard to use pictures and hardly any words here.) Here is […]


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