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I have a prejudice against World War II books. My family has a difficult history with it, and so my head tells me that authors writing books now that are set in that time are manipulative, taking advantage of the agonising emotion bundled up in that war. But so many people (including our own Cait […]

Why weren’t you at the Futurebook Hack?

The Bookseller’s Futurebook Hackathon kicked off on Saturday morning with publisher presentations and inspiring talks about the open web, then over 70 people brainstorming and building through the night (fuelled by many pizzas and snacks – and beer) towards a Sunday at 1pm deadline to submit their ideas and present them to the judges. So, why […]

All About BookTube (London Book Fair 2014)

Want to know more about BookTube? That wonderful corner of YouTube where people talk about books ALL THE TIME? Hot Key loves BookTube, its origins, its community spirit and the energy these amazing people are putting behind spreading the good word about books. (You guys rock.) Our multi-talented Digital Coordinator, Sanne Vliegenthart aka booksandquills has […]

Paper versus Pixels in April – PLEDGES

Last week, Laure Eve launched a challenge for herself and for you: Papers vs Pixels and you took it up in droves! Here is a run down of who had pledged what, TEAM PAPER versus TEAM PIXELS – it looks pretty evenly balanced at the moment. Follow the hashtag: #PaperVsPixels to see how people are […]

Librarians + online communities = happiness?

Last Friday, I spoke at the CILIP Youth Librarians Group (@youthlibraries) one day workshop at the invitation of the wonderful @mattlibrarian. The day was called “Raising Teen Issues: Engaging with your teenage audience” and Matt encouraged me to talk to “How to Get Your Books Off the Shelves”, covering things like the Hot Key ring […]

Welcome to the Key Note Blog, 2.0!

It’s here! Our brand-new blog, shaped by your feedback and suggestions! We’ll still aim to post daily, but you’ll start to see a few regular features including: Book Art (bookshelves, book jewellery, book bags, etc.) Book Clinic (what book should I read next? what book should I get for this person?) Top Ten Books for… […]

Help us make our blog better!

Hello and welcome to day 2 of our blog survey! In case you missed it yesterday, we’ve decided it’s high time for our blog to undergo a bit of renovation, and we need your help to do it. Will you help us? Today, the focus of the survey will be the blog content itself — […]

Cue makeover montage…

Our blog has been a part of daily life at Hot Key Books since the beginning. From our very first post, we promised that our blog would chronicle the ups, downs, insides and outs of Hot Key. And for the most part, it has! We’ve done lots of crazy things beyond just chatting about our […]

The facts behind the fiction: our new iBook!

For a fiction publisher, we’re pretty obsessed with non-fiction. Especially when it comes to our historical fiction books. We could just let them stand on their own, as they are brilliant stories in their own right. You don’t need to know everything about the Spanish Civil War to enjoy A WORLD BETWEEN US, just like […]

Apps vs. eBooks: What’s the difference?

With all the whizz-bang things you can do with ebooks these days, and all the apps that are built to accompany print books, it’s no wonder that there’s a great deal of confusion about how these two things differ. Since we started using iBooks Author to create our own enhanced ebook editions, we’ve fielded a […]


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