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THE DOG, RAY – who made the tail wag?

  Hot Key asked if I would write a post here about my new book THE DOG, RAY.  I thought I’d show you a picture – actually several pictures of the inspiration for the story – my own dog Beezle. Beezle is now a thirteen year old Lurcher- just a tiny bit older than Daisy, […]

Finishing Harry Potter… at last!

Something deeply momentous happened to me last week – that’s right, I FINISHED READING HARRY POTTER. You may recall at the end of last year I decide to pick up where I left off part way through the series as a teenager and continue reading from ORDER OF THE PHOENIX onwards. Too long had I […]

All our money goes on books FOR OTHER PEOPLE

Tis the season to be lovely, generous and buy people presents; and what better gift is there than the gift of literacy itself?  So this month, instead of our usual selfish, miserly ways, we are recommending the books we are buying for others (as opposed to just adding to our own TBR piles). I bought […]

Top Ten Tuesday: The Animal Stories That Ruined My Life

“You’re ruining that dog. You think he’s a human – he’s completely out of control,” says my boyfriend Ben, on many an evening. “No I don’t! Don’t be ridiculous,” I will reply, gently pulling Wilbur’s night-time hoodie over his head whilst simultaneously checking that the kettle is on for his miniature hot-water bottle. He gets cold, […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Happy Halloween!

This week we’re talking our top ten scary books to read at Halloween – what’s yours?   Any Goosebumps book! They used to scare the bejeezus out of me at school. And yet I’d still go back for more – glutton for punishment, clearly —Cait I was gonna say Goosebumps! My brother and I had […]

All Our Money Goes On Books. Apart from Naomi’s…

Welcome to our lives – we work with books and then, when we’re not working with books, we’re buying them. Apart from Naomi, her lack of money goes on books. BLIMMIN OBSESSED. See below… MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL by John Berendt. This is one of those books that I have had in […]

Season of Mists and Mellow Snot Rags

Due to the vast amount of Lemsip being imbibed in the office this week, today’s blog will be about comfort reading. What do you read when you’re ill? Who do you turn to and, most importantly, does it work? Mine’s basically anything by Dorothy L Sayers or John Kennedy Toole’s CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES – the latter […]

All Our Money Goes On Books!

Here’s our book haul for this month. Judge our tastes if you will, but you can’t accuse us of not supporting our own industry. I went on holiday in Reykjavik earlier this month so I have the book I bought for the journey and the book I bought when I was there. The former is […]

What Should I Read On Holiday?

Whether your holiday was so long ago that all that remains is some pesky sand that won’t budge from the bottom of your suitcase or whether you’re one of the lucky ones like me (I’m so smug I’m not even sorry) still busy stocking up on SPF yet to head away there’s one question that plagues […]

All Our Money Goes on Doctor Who Merchandise

  Nah, only joking. It goes on books. Although there is an office dalek.   So here’s our haul from the past month.  It can be used as a form of recommendation, or a discussion point, or something for you to judge us on and berate us for.   ‘I saw a mention of THE […]


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