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What Should I Read On Holiday?

Whether your holiday was so long ago that all that remains is some pesky sand that won’t budge from the bottom of your suitcase or whether you’re one of the lucky ones like me (I’m so smug I’m not even sorry) still busy stocking up on SPF yet to head away there’s one question that plagues […]

Hot Key at Summer in the City

This year, for the first time ever, a book publisher is going to be at the event of the summer, yep Hot Key Books are going to SUMMER IN THE CITY! I (and most of the team) am slightly older and a bit less familiar with loom bands than the usual SitC crowd but that doesn’t mean we’re […]

Say Their Name

Today we’ve got a guest post from Hot Key author, James Dawson (with two very special guest appearances!) Hello dear readers, The Hot Key team asked me to write a short blog to keep you up to date with everything that’s going on with me. Yes, ME. Let’s start with Say Her Name. Two weeks […]

All About BookTube (London Book Fair 2014)

Want to know more about BookTube? That wonderful corner of YouTube where people talk about books ALL THE TIME? Hot Key loves BookTube, its origins, its community spirit and the energy these amazing people are putting behind spreading the good word about books. (You guys rock.) Our multi-talented Digital Coordinator, Sanne Vliegenthart aka booksandquills has […]

Books are my bag…

We’re all book lovers here at Hot Key (can ya tell?), but as all you other book lovers know, loving books doesn’t stop at the stories, characters and worlds that leap from the pages and into our hearts and imaginations. The objects themselves are something to be loved, stroked and smelt.  Whether you’re the type […]

The Digital Generation

Our guest blog today comes from Evie Prysor-Jones, who we met a few weeks ago at City University. As her MA in Publishing Studies at City University comes to an end, Evie (@Evelyn_PJ) is trying to spend less time reading young adult fiction and more time actually studying. She is a frequent tweeter, blogger and […]

The trick of film adaptation

Hope Kemp is a student, filmmaker, and occasional book blogger. A lot of people are often very skeptical about their favourite books and novels being transformed into motion pictures, or are very cynical about films ‘not being like the book at all.’ You only have to look at the forum boards on IMDB to see […]

Dressing Up for World Book Day

Hi, I’m Little M and I share a book blog with my mum called We Sat Down. I love reading and horse riding. I play on the Year 8 netball squad for my school. I have a yellow labrador and when I’m older I would like to work with animals (e.g. be a vet). World […]

Well, I’ll be cursed!

Hello, I’m Gabby – fifteen and already a self-confessed read-aholic. Apart from being a stereo-typical teenager when it comes to addiction of Supernatural books, I also love the genre of adventure and action, but to be perfectly honest, anything will do! One day I hope to be a writer or publisher so I do what […]

eBooks — The Good Things!

Hi! I’m Georgia- I’m nearly thirteen, and an avid reader, writer and blogger. I love to read any kinds of books I can find, mainly adventure, horror, and crime. I read and review books as a hobby, and hope to get a job as either an author or something in the publishing world one day. […]


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