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Finding inspiration in objects

Ruth Hatfield is the author of the forthcoming THE BOOK OF STORMS. She is also an archeologist who actually goes to far off lands to dig up things. In her first blog post, which you can read here, she talked about the intersection between being an author and being an archeologist. In today’s post Ruth […]

A Pony for Jean

The legendary publisher Liz Calder, founder of Bloomsbury and the literary festivals FLIP in Brazil and Flipside in Suffolk, as well as the boutique publishing house Full Circle Editions, credits A PONY FOR JEAN as being the book that first ignited her passion for reading. It was hearing Liz talk about JEAN in Saxmundham’s Library […]

Author Versus Archeologist – Discoveries

Ruth Hatfield is the author of the forthcoming THE BOOK OF STORMS (recently named Book of the Month for November by the Bookseller, yay!). She is also an archeologist who actually goes to far off lands to dig up things. In her first blog post for us, she’s talking about the intersection between being an […]

Litter Vigilante, part 4

Note from Sara: In honour of the fourth instalment in this series, I have gleefully created a new category for our blog: rubbish. If you’ve missed any of the previous ones, have at it! Elon Dann’s Awe of Mercury and Clockwise to Titan both feature cunning escapes made with rubbish. Here, he continues his blog series with more […]

Behind The Boy With the Tiger’s Heart

Today’s blog is by Linda Coggin, author of THE BOY WITH THE TIGER’S HEART.Hot Key have asked me to write a blog about THE BOY WITH THE TIGER’S HEART. When I write my own blog I rely heavily on pictures of fluffy chicks and the antics of the many furred and feathered creatures I live […]

All hail… Queen James!

On Friday 11th July, we dusted off our pink frocks and hopped down to the train station to take a trip to Godalming for the one and only QUEEN OF TEEN AWARDS CEREMONY! The Queen of Teen is a really fun award for teen and YA authors run by The Book People, and it’s quite […]

AWE OF MERCURY – How it came to be, and very nearly didn’t.

Today’s blog post is by Elon Dann, author of AWE OF MERCURY (the sequel to CLOCKWISE TO TITAN) which is out today! Everyone who read CLOCKWISE TO TITAN said it felt like there should be a sequel, although that had never been my intention when writing. I was happy we’d been allowed to peek through […]

Say Their Name

Today we’ve got a guest post from Hot Key author, James Dawson (with two very special guest appearances!) Hello dear readers, The Hot Key team asked me to write a short blog to keep you up to date with everything that’s going on with me. Yes, ME. Let’s start with Say Her Name. Two weeks […]

From True Crime to Fiction

Today’s blog is written by Gregg Olsen, author of new YA thriller RUN. His background is in True Crime, and here he talks about how his research has informed his fiction… I’ve lived a life of crime. Not committing any, of course, but talking to those people who have. The list is daunting: A man […]

James Dawson for Queen of Teen!

The Queen of Teen shortlist is packed with amazing talent, but we can’t help but make a pitch for our favourite, James Dawson #BOYQUEEN. If you haven’t made up your mind about who to vote for, maybe this will help sway you?   Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please… By royal decree, […]


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