Today’s blog is a guest post by Claire McFall, author of BLACK CAIRN POINT.  

I have a confession to make: bloggers kind of scare me. And it’s not because they aren’t lovely, helpful and friendly… because they are! It’s because, well, they hold the power. Their views are respected, they have thousands of readers – they are the conduit to YA readers. So when I was thinking about how to shout and cheer and get the word out about the release of my new novel, Black Cairn Point, my wee (Scots [adj]: teeny tiny) brain went: I know… a blog tour! Good idea, I thought.

Then I thought, Oh mammy!

I Tweet, therefore I am. Well, I try to. So I tweeted all the YA bloggers I follow because they are a) up on everything YA b) funny and c) very cool people, and begged, pleaded, pretty much harassed them until they let me come and play on their blogs. I was pretty humbled by the response, because these guys put a lot of effort into their blogs. Hours and hours of work. So, letting me come and write a guest post said that the respect was mutual. Aw, shucks! (I’d insert a blushing smiley here if I wasn’t such a technical dunce).

Here’s a roundup of the blog posts from the #BlackCairnPoint book tour. I had a blast, hopefully entertained, and spread the word about my (I think) brill new novel Black Cairn Point.

Day 1: Daydreamer’s Thoughts
Due to a wee mix-up, this post went up a bit late, but you can read it now. It tells you the inspiration behind Black Cairn Point – my own horror-filled camping trip to Ardwell Bay!

Day 2: Bookish Outsider
Black Cairn Point is a YA horror. So I thought it kind of fitting to share horror stories from my rock n roll author lifestyle…

Day 3: Serendipity Reviews
Black Cairn Point is set in an actual place: Ardwell Bay. In this blog post I talk a bit about the setting and how it inspired the story.

Day 4: Overflowing Library
I’m shy. No, really! I am! This post is all about author self-promotion… getting out of your comfort zone. Like, say, right now.

Day 5: The Pewterwolf
The Pewter Wolf gave me an awesome assignment: to reveal the soundtrack behind Black Cairn Point. The blog post has embedded videos to go along with each selection (yeah… I didn’t do that #toohard).

Day 6: Book Angel Booktopia
I really enjoyed writing this post, because I’m a teacher as well as an author. It’s all about the challenge of getting more young people reading. I wish I knew the secret… but I have some ideas!

Day 7: Big Book Little Book
Confessions are good for the soul, apparently. So here are a few of mine…

Day 8: Winged Reviews
My bookish firsts

Day 9: Snuggling on the Sofa
Why I like to write YA… because I just don’t want to grow up!

 Day 10: Books and Writers Jnr
A sneaky wee extension to the tour because I was having so much fun! A post about how to get published, and my own (somewhat rocky at times) journey.

So…I survived my first official blog tour! I had a ton of fun writing guest posts and (hopefully) made some friends along the way. Thank you sooooo much to each and every blogger who let me come and take over their blog for the day.

Claire xxx (@mcfall_claire)

We are also so excited to share this fantastic video by Jean from Bookishthoughts, who worked with us to create a beautiful and spooky video about Black Cairn Point and other Scottish Scary stories!

And finally we have an interview with Claire by the Chinese publisher of her previous novel FERRYMAN, which you find on our Tumblr. Enjoy!