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New November Books!

We’ve got 3 new books for you this month! Curious? Watch the video below to find out more about them: ANIMAS: FLIGHT OF THE KING by C.R. Grey THE COLOUR OF DARKNESS by Ruth Hatfield LUNGDON by Edward Carey And as always, if you want a chance to get your hands on all 3, head […]

These Shallow Graves MURDER MYSTERY

Are you ready for THESE SHALLOW GRAVES? To celebrate that this fantastic historical YA novel by Jennifer Donnelly is coming out this week (the 27th October to be exact), we’re organising a digital Murder Mystery! Now we can hear you thinking… how does an online murder mystery work? Don’t worry, here are your instructions: On […]

New October Books from Hot Key

October is around the corner and so are our October titles! We have 6 fabulous books coming out this month (+ a secret 7th one, which you’ll find out more about in the next blog and video!) and Livs is ready to tell you about all of them: THESE SHALLOW GRAVES by Jennifer Donnelly THE DOG, RAY […]

Black Cairn Point Blog Tour Roundup

Today’s blog is a guest post by Claire McFall, author of BLACK CAIRN POINT.   I have a confession to make: bloggers kind of scare me. And it’s not because they aren’t lovely, helpful and friendly… because they are! It’s because, well, they hold the power. Their views are respected, they have thousands of readers […]

New September Books from Hot Key

We’ve got an amazing selection of books for you, coming from our new office! Livs could have probably talked about them for a full hour, but we managed to get everything in under 8 minutes. Take a look, let us know which ones you are most excited about and don’t forget to enter our giveaway! […]

Join the Revolution! | THE BIG LIE Launch

On Wednesday we travelled to Berkhamsted to celebrate the launch of THE BIG LIE by Julie Mayhew and here’s a recap of the party! Amazing venue decor at @JulieMayhew launch for #TheBigLie! — raremediumwelldone (@weimingkam) August 26, 2015 Dress code? Slogan T-shirts and disobedient attire. Food? PRETZELS! A spirited launch for @JulieMayhew‘s #TheBigLie. I was told […]

Gothic Horror, Gaelic and Ghosts | The Inspiration Behind SHIVER THE WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH

Today’s author blog is by Darragh McManus (@McManusDarragh), author of SHIVER THE WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH. The oldest axiom in writing is this: write about what you know. I’m no different to anyone else. So my first book, finished when I was twenty-nine, was about a late-twenties Irishman who thought, talked and acted in ways suspiciously […]

Book Club Discussion: THE ART OF BEING NORMAL

In January we read THE ART OF BEING NORMAL by Lisa Williamson, as selected by Livs. People on Twitter couldn’t stop talking about it, so we just HAD to check it out! Watch our Book Club video so see what we thought: (Since we’ve been so busy this month, we had to improvise and film […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Banned Books

The subject of freedom of speech and what it means has been on everybody’s lips recently. What one writer may find harmless another reader may find offensive. But do we defend the right of the writer to say it no matter how offensive it is to the reader? Or should offensive material be banned from […]

Authors in the Office

There are always fun things going on at Hot Key HQ! Sometimes authors pop into the office for a meeting and of course we can never resist to film some fun videos. When Edward Carey, author and illustrator of HEAP HOUSE and FOULSHAM, came to visit a couple of weeks ago, we filmed quite a […]


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