When I was little, I was engrossed by a certain segment on Sesame Street, which showed how things were made. My favourite was the crayon factory of course, because it was so darn pretty and all the crayons got separated into colour order, and the labels got put on just perfectly, etc.

So when I found out I had the chance to go visit the factory where our books are made, I jumped at the chance. Last week, Naomi, Cait, Tristan, Jan and I boarded a train for Diss and made our way towards Clays Ltd, which is located in Bungay Suffolk. The visit was everything I imagined — machines whirring, little mechanical arms holding things in place, the unfamiliar smell of hot ink — it was awesome. We even got to see HEAP HOUSE on the printer!










Naturally, we had to make a video about it. Check it out:


What do you think? Pretty cool, eh?