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And finally…

…There is nothing left to say, but one thing, one BIG thing.. THANK YOU!!! For everyone who has supported us, written for us, sold books for us, bought books from us, reviewed books by us, talked about books with us…this is for YOU! MERRY CHRISTMAS! We will see you all in January!

Class is in…at Hot Key Books

My name is Louise Griffin and I’m sixteen years old. I’m currently completing my GCSEs at school and, although I’m one of Hot Key’s younger interns, I would love to have a future career in publishing. When I was told in a school assembly that I was to complete two weeks of work experience, I […]

More boys, more blogs and one year at Hot Key Books

It’s a year ago this week that we had the idea to start this blog, to track our progress in the first year of Hot Key. To provide a written record of what we have done. Back then, I could not have imagined that a year later we would be so many diverse voices writing […]

A little piece of a big, big universe

(This is a special post because it has a soundtrack – so hit play and read on!) Once There Was A Hushpuppy As the BIG DAY draws nearer, and the hunt for the perfect present grows more urgent, more frantic, around the nation people are getting ready to gather around a tree/table/fire/TV and immerse themselves in […]

Find your voice at the HKB Writers’ Workshop

As Hot Key prepares for its very first Weekend Writer’s Workshop, thoughts turn to WHY a budding novelist should sign up for it… I mean, what’s to really know about writing a book? If you’re talented, you’re talented, right? Well, yes…right, but even the most ‘talented’ of writers have been overlooked when it comes to […]

The Fantastic Swedish Library Experiment

When Sarah Odedina was in Sweden a few weeks ago, she had a chance to stop by an amazing children’s library. She was inspired by the model, and thinks this project could have incredible applications in the UK as well. In the Kulturhuset in central Stockholm is a remarkable and inspirational library for young readers, […]

9 Days of Hot Key: REDUX!

Just when you thought the sale was over — just when you thought, SHOOT, I MISSED MY CHANCE TO BUY MY FAVOURITE HOT KEY TITLE FOR 50% OFF, just when you were crying about not getting a cute key card on your Christmas present, we’ve pulled this trick: Today, for one day only, ALL, yes, […]

9 Days of Hot Key Books: Day 9, ANGEL DUST

We’ve come to our final day of the 9 Days of Hot Key Books. We’ve had such a fantastic time in the office, wrapping, stamping, and shipping out some really great gifts! Today you have the chance to grab another amazing deal. ANGEL DUST, by Sarah Mussi, is on sale for 50% off. And, as […]

9 Days of Hot Key: Day 8, UNDER MY HAT

Can’t you just see it now…belly full from Christmas lunch, curled up in a warm blanket next to the fire (or radiator), losing yourself in a giant collection of wonderfully scary stories…sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well today, on day 8 of the 9 Days of Hot Key Books, you can make sure you have just […]

9 Days of Hot Key: Day 7, THE CLOUD HUNTERS

Brr! It’s cold out there! Fortunately, the deals are heating up here on our 7th day of the 9 Days of Hot Key Books. Today’s spectacular holiday deal is for THE CLOUD HUNTERS, by Alex Shearer. This book is the perfect gift for everyone — it’s a charming, exciting and thoughtful coming-of-age novel which takes […]


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