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Red Ink vs. Kentish Town – A Musical Love Story

Few things thrill me more than when I read a book, or watch a TV program, and there is SOMETHING FROM MY REAL LIFE IN IT. Imagine my delight then, when I first read Julie Mayhew’s unbelievably wonderful RED INK, and discovered that my own dear and beloved Kentish Town features quite heavily in it. Not THAT heavily, […]

Spending a day with Mr Gove

Today’s blog is by Anne Weinhold, Senior Brand Manager at the Autumn Publishing Group, a sister company to Hot Key and part of Bonnier Publishing. She likes debating education, the greater schemes of things and eats about 8 apples a week. Earlier this month, I joined hundreds of educators at London’s Institute of Education for […]

Stare is the new black

Yesterday, we started a staring frenzy across the UK. Or at least, we hope we started a staring frenzy across the UK. Maureen Johnson in all her stare-y goodness is coming to Hot Key Books, and to celebrate, we launched a contest to win a Maureen t-shirt and a Google Hangout with Maureen! ‘BUT I […]

We Stare Because We Care

Things got a little out of hand here at Hot Key with people JUST STARING at each other but, as you’ll see, in the end we figured out what had happened: So, that’s our big news that we’ve been teasing you all about for months. We are the new home of Maureen Johnson in the […]

What the…

It was a dreary Monday morning, and all the HKB staff were hard at work on their projects. Then, slowly, like a square of hot butter melting over toast, everyone just started doing this… Maybe you should just watch this: Will we ever snap out of it? Stay tuned…another video will be posted tomorrow at […]

Small – The Musical.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. I am not a midget. I am not a dwarf. I’m not a tiny tree elf with stumps for legs. I am 5 foot 3 and 3 quarters and that is 1 quarter of an inch ABOVE the average height for a British woman. And 8 inches TALLER than the […]

We are grateful

As we mentioned in our first blog post (thank you, librarians!) today is Thanksgiving. Amy did her thanks on behalf of everyone at Hot Key to librarians — but we’re all grateful for smaller things in our own ways.Here is what the Hot Key staffers have to be grateful for: Sarah Odedina – I am […]

Giving thanks…for librarians!

When we first set out to make an enhanced edition of A WORLD BETWEEN US, we knew we had a gigantic task on our hands. The book was already so brilliant by itself — how were we going to be able to find pictures, audio, and video to match the story and accurately bring out […]

Announcing the Hot Key Books Writers’ Weekend!

Today’s post is a special announcement from our managing director Sarah Odedina. Hot Key Books are delighted to announce a Writers’ Workshop aimed at aspirants writers who are writing for young readers aged between 9 and 19.  We will spend the weekend (February 23rd and 24th) focusing on the craft of writing and the business […]


Alex Shearer, the author of the amazing adventure fantasy THE CLOUD HUNTERS, explains his inspiration for the novel. Often, answering the question as to where a story came from is a matter of being wise after the event.  At the time you don’t necessarily have any idea, and even in retrospect it isn’t always clear. […]


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