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The Voices Behind the Wall

Today’s post is a spoooooky short story by Gareth P. Jones. You’ll want to keep the lights on for this one. Or maybe you won’t (if you dare!). It is only footsteps at first. Then come the voices. There are two of them. A man and a woman. Who are they? What do they want? […]

This Soup Tastes Funny: An Ancient Ghost Story

This week, to celebrate Halloween, we will be posting a few scary stories from our authors. Today’s post comes to us from Katherine Marsh, who is the author of the forthcoming novel, JEPP WHO DEFIED THE STARS. In 1576, King Frederick of Denmark gave a talented young astronomer and nobleman named Tycho Brahe the island […]

Best Way to Sell Books

This weekend, I went on a little jolly to Bath. We stayed in an amazing flat on the Royal Crescent and were incredbly lucky to have lovely sunny weather on the Saturday. (Yup, that is my photo!) This, of course, encouraged wandering and I got sucked into TWO bookshops in Bath. Bath Old Books was […]

A different kind of festival

Today’s blog is by Lennie Varvarides, the director of DYSPLA, a festival which celebrates artists with dyslexia. In 2007 I had this crazy idea that London needed yet another new writing festival. I had recently graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama where I finished with an MA in writing for performance and was full of […]

The Ebook lending debate…(and Commons pen to win!)

Yesterday, Sara O’Connor and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend an eBooks Summit at the House of Commons, organized by CILIP and hosted by the Libraries All Party Parliamentary Group, to hear the debates and discussions around ebook lending in libraries. Here was our view on the way in, not your average […]

I’m listening…

Hello, my name is Amy, and I am addicted to podcasts. On average, I listen to approximately 7 hours of podcasts per week. I simply can’t get enough. My 40 minute walk to and from work seems more like five when I’m into a good podcast. Back when I was sitting on the LA freeway […]

Elements of storytelling

The Scottish Storytelling Festival is this week, and that’s got us thinking (watch out!) about all the different ways of storytelling: written liked books or poems or scrolls; oral like audio books, or live speaking or songs; and visual like movies, TV, plays, ballet, cabaret… (Complete aside: have you seen this Gary Barlow wind up? […]

Cannibals in Frankfurt

Ruth Logan is Rights Director at Hot Key Books, and this is her first blog! October means Frankfurt, the Frankfurt Book Fair, that is. It’s a pretty big deal, looming large in the calendar of anyone in the business of selling or buying rights in publishing. It is vast, vibrant and vital and it can […]

How to sell books abroad

My name is Karima and I am a Foreign Rights Manager at Weldon Owen Publishing for territories like Germany, Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East. Weldon Owen is sister company and office-mate to Hot Key Books. You can find me musing about life at and tweeting as @karimakins. One of my favourite things […]

Seeing the World Differently: a celebration of reading and dyslexia

Last week, as part of Dyslexia Awareness Week, we hosted an event with Booktrust at the Free Word Centre around dyslexia, reading and education with a focus on the Maggot Moon Multi-touch edition. Sally Gardner was in conversation with The Times’ children’s books critic, Amanda Craig, and Booktrust’s books and disability consultant, Alexandra Strick. It […]


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