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Getting “scarry-eyed” over complex characters

Rosie Crouch is a BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing student at the University of Nottingham. She finds herself writing mostly short stories, with a focus on the relationships between characters. She is also currently setting up a food blog. When she graduates in 2013, she hopes to begin a career in publishing. I was […]

One size doesn’t fit all

Don’t you find it annoying when you see a dress you love in a shop, pick it up and see, with horror, the size ‘One Size fits all’ label? I’ve never understood this. People are completely different shapes and sizes – how does someone go about making clothes for all, AND, most importantly WHY would […]

Holding Out for a Hero

Last night I went and saw Batman. Except I thought they were calling him ‘the Bad-Man’ the whole way through. Confusing. He was a great hero though, bat-cape, bat-belt, bat-cave. He had all the accessories and the determined stare to boot. But secretly, I actually preferred the super-suave cop Blake, played by the lovely Joseph […]

The Perfect Book for You

Recently, when Sarah B and I went to Nottingham for our Publisher for a Day kick off, there were tons of lovely enthusiastic readers. But there were also quite a few people who, upon hearing, “Free books!” called back, “I don’t read.” Once I had stopped weeping, I realised that what they meant, for the […]

Our differences make us (and our stories) more interesting

Think of your favourite fictional character. Got one? Good. What is it about them that grabs you? Chances are, you love that character because they are heroic, or eccentric, or tragically flawed. We are rarely interested in characters who have nothing going on, with no discernible personality or potential for change to speak of. Can […]

Some Friday tips

As we’ve established over a series of posts this week, it can be hard to let yourself have time to be creative. There are too many other interruptions, too many people to see and too many other ‘to dos’ to sometimes let it take priority… Our intern Antonia has come up with some great ways […]

Creating books creatively (and beyond).

You probably already know that publishing is a pretty creative industry. From Editorial, Design and Production to us over in Sales & Marketing, we spend our days working toward bringing the most exciting stories to life in the most innovative ways we can think of – be that digitally, physically, by doing some crazy dancing […]

Look at that body (of literature) I work out! (Creatively)

Over the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time at the gym working on my abs. Currently my tummy is somewhere between baby-bell and custard, but with the new hockey season around the corner I’ll start working on my shoulder, back and leg muscles. If I want to be a slim-line, super-strong speed […]

Winning the war against procrastination

We all fall into the trap. Maybe you sit down at your computer to finally start working on that blog, or even work on first draft of your short story. You’ve sectioned off this time in your schedule to be creative and productive. Suddenly, your brain resists. No! It screams, let’s do something less taxing! […]

Guest Blog: Tempus Fugit or Does It?

Sarah Mussi is the author of ANGEL DUST and three other works of fiction. When she’s not writing, she teaches English in Lewisham. We’re pretty amazed that she manages to fit in writing incredible books between planning lessons and marking homework, so we asked her to share her secrets about how she gets it all […]


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