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We’re Moving! (Virtually)

For the past eight months, this blog has been the home to the majority of Hot Key’s online content. And for the past eight months, that’s worked pretty well. It’s been a bit like living in our first flat – tiny but functional. But now that we’re on the verge of releasing our first two […]

Which books do you re-read?

Rereading a book isn’t as simple as taking another look at a painting or watching a movie again because it requires commitment, and when you already know what happens at the ending, it seems like a very laborious task. So why reread books? Who’s the most guilty of this? It’s the kids. Their favourite books […]

Isles of Wonder

Tonight, the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics kicks off for real. And I was lucky enough to go to the first rehearsal on Monday night. (Nope, I’m not going to give anything away.) At the end of my Monday post, coming down off a handmade weekend at Art in Action, I thought that the two […]

Old Slates, New Tablets – Same Difference?

It might feel as though we have done quite a few blogs recently on education, but it’s such an important subject to us, and there is just so much to talk about! At one of our recent meetings, Sara O’Connor mentioned that during the July Children’s Media Conference it was reported that three schools in […]

Public/Private: how both sectors can learn from each other

Amy’s inspirational post yesterday describing her move into children’s publishing from the education sector has got us all thinking about the pros and cons of working in the public and private sectors and how they can learn from each other. I have had the benefit of working for both sectors, moving from publishing to the […]

And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?

  In year five, I wrote an aspirational short story about becoming a famous biochemist and curing cancer. In high school, I took an introductory psychology course to get a head start on my career as a therapist. As a journalism major at Indiana University, I could clearly envision my life as a top political […]

Art in Action – beautiful things, shared

I had never heard of the Art in Action festival until the lovely Fleur Hitchcock told me about it. Her husband, Ian McKay, is an amazing automaton toymaker and was displaying in the market tent. As soon as I realised how close it was to me, I decided to have a (mostly) screen-free day out […]

Trawling the Internet

When you are first asked to research something that you’re not very familiar with, it is often difficult to know where to start. You type something into Google and thousands of entries pop up, and it’s very tempting to simply click straight on to Wikipedia, even though you know you shouldn’t. But what I’ve learnt […]

The Biggest Mini Burgers Known to Mankind, or How to Party HKB Style

Last night was our launch party at the Barbican, a chance for us all to celebrate all the hard work everyone has put into the list (especially the authors who’ve been forced to write quicker than is allowed by Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity) and to say thank you to everyone who has come into […]

Guest Blog by People Doing Things about Literacy

Hello from another newbie It’s all dead exciting this, innit? What’s not to like about a brand new publishing company bringing lots of lovely new books into the world? But Hot Key aren’t the only ones doing exciting new things. Award-winning children’s authors, Barry Hutchison (that’s me!) and Tommy Donbavand, have just launched a brand […]


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