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History hiding in stories

Amazon, Oxfam, Smiths or bric-a-brac, whether your book collection derives from shiny shelves or pocketed from your best friend’s library when her back is turned, your book will hold a story. Where it was bought, who recommended it, when and where you read it; a book might be bought fresh but as the clean edges […]


There are only THIRTY-FIVE days until our first books are released, and we are getting SO EXCITED! See all the capitals? Excited. In preparation, this week we re-read INSIGNIA, the first book by S. J. Kincaid and the start of what is going to be an awesome trilogy (especially for any gamers out there)! Set […]

#BookApps: A cloudy debate

Last night I attended The Appside: Publishing Apps – what’s the story? event which brought together leading App developers and key figures within book publishing, to talk case studies, show and tell and give insight into what works in the Book App market. See the speaker profiles here It was a fascinating event for those […]

Let’s talk about Craftivism…

This Saturday, as part of Article 31.1‘s programme of events, I went to a workshop run by the Craftivist Collective. They are relatively new, like us, and in general do things a bit differently (also like us, if we do say so ourselves). Their aim is… “To expose the scandal of global poverty, and human […]

A fictional David Beckham?

Jack (@jackhawkins17), our most recent intern, wrapped up his week with us on Friday and left this blog full of questions for us to answer: Coming to the end of my internship here and responding to the questions of why I became interested in children’s literature, it got me thinking about what I really wanted […]

Women in Digital Panel round up

It was an amazing buzzy atmosphere at our sold out panel on Wednesday night, and a great conversation. If you missed it, there are videos below — unfortunately, we had problems with the footage from the first half, so only the second half is available to view. Because the introductions are cut off (boo!) here […]

My first comic festival – not scary at all!

We know you’ll all be eager to see the video of last night’s Women in Digital Publishing event which will up very soon. But whilst you’re waiting, here’s something completely different! As you know we are really keen on graphic fiction here at Hot Key and delighted that an illustrated book (A Monster Calls) won […]

A very social day at Hot Key!

So, this post is going to be short and sweet as we are all RUNNING AROUND THE OFFICE setting up for our TWO events of the day. Aren’t we social! (/crazy?) Starting at 1pm, we have our very first Literary Lunch, for reviewers and press, who’ll get to meet some of our authors, all of […]

Would You Like Some Money?

Last week, we met with people who want to give us money. This was a very good meeting. In all seriousness, the people in the literature department at Arts Council England came in to see us and are so keen to work with more publishers, especially children’s publishers, to find quality, engaging projects to fund. […]

On Shrinking Things, Model Villages and Tiny Hedgehogs

As you may have seen on twitter earlier, the lovely F. R. Hitchcock received something rather special in the post today… full-size SHRUNK! We are glad the text is finally at reading size, which means that we can all put away our magnifying glasses. Yay! BUT it’s not just books that are in danger here at HKB […]


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