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The Dark Side of Publishing

It’s hard to believe, but there is a dark side to publishing. And we here at Hot Key Books have a sworn duty to expose it. We have video evidence of this evil that we risk our lives to show to you. We have secretly recorded the CEO arriving for another day, to bend the […]

Guest Post: It’s not all pink…

A little while back we invited the blogging community the chance to guest blog for us, and today we have our first taker! Please welcome Duncan from Literature for Lads who takes the floor to talk about boys and reading… “Boys just don’t read”.  Is this perhaps one of the most popular myths of contemporary […]

Smart People

It’s been a little while since my first Did You Miss? post, so I’ve built up a few more good things to highlight for you lovely blog readers. There are so many people out there who are quite a lot smarter than me. Luckily, these people write down some of the smart things they think […]

Hot Key Carnegie Reading Challenge

A big day for many authors and illustrators today – the shortlists for the Carnegie Medal and Kate Greenaway Award were announced. Cue lots of congratulations all round and happy authors and publishers. There are some absolutely fantastic books on the shortlists this year. At Hot Key obviously we don’t have any books out yet […]

Sales & Marketing with authors at its heart

When I was younger I always imagined being an author was the most glamorous thing. How lucky they are to spend all day in front of a (then) typewriter, making up stories that hoards of fans will read. In my mind they went to posh dinners, fancy clubs and never had to worry about a […]

The Other Side of Bologna

A small weekly round up. 1. Bologna is over! The news from the front has been hugely exciting and we’re so glad that our amazing titles are being well received. We are glad to have the HKB team back in full force at Northburgh House though! 2. We were all absolutely astounded at the talent […]

Bologna Children’s Book Fair: The Walking Tour

Our correspondent in the field, Kate Manning, has been updating us on all Bologna happenings this morning. And there is BREAKING NEWS! … The Pink Bar is closed! So to compensate for lack of Pink Bar stories and to distract from the fact that some of us are STILL dressed up as animals, we have […]

When the Editors are out

In the comics vein of previous posts our inhouse cartoonist Jan (with a two year comics education from Sweden) did this little diary.

Attempting to draw the graphic novel

I’ve always enjoyed that magic combination of words and pictures to create stories and express ideas – from baby books to picture books and graphic novels for adults. Graphic novels and comics can explain complicated political, cultural and existential ideas with ease, making them accessible and a pleasure to read. Some of the best graphic […]

Blog on blog(s) – part four

A few weeks ago we started a series of blogs on our friends in the book blogging community – asking them how they got into it, why they like it, and tips for anyone wanting to start out now. We’ve had some lovely responses – if you missed them you can read parts one to […]


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