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Judge a book by its cover?

Let’s start with a scenario: you’re at the grocery store in front of the wall of tomato sauces. Which one do you think would be the most delicious? Before you read the ingredients or the nutritional information, you inevitably make a choice to pick up the jar that most appeals to you. You probably make […]

Thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone who is helping us with our Week of Woo. There is more to come today, but we just wanted to give a special shout out to our two YouTube commenters. That is exactly what we’re after – unconditional love. Okay, not really. But we are most definitely here to […]

Welcome to the Week of Woo!

When was the last time YOU were a part of a campaign to get an author to publish his or her book in the UK? Well, now’s the time. Today is Day One of our Week of Woo, and we need your help. We’re reaching out to everyone in the Twittersphere, Tumblrsphere, Facebookosphere and general […]

Read and Tell Monday

My weekend was consumed largely by reading Maus, a graphic narrative, written and drawn by Art Spiegelman.  Maus  is a biography of the author’s father Vladek and is the story of a Polish Jew’s experience and survival of WWII, including a 12 month stay at Auschwitz.  Published in two volumes, the first in 1986, and […]

Really important questions for a Friday afternoon…

Friday lunchtime in the Hot Key office, the sun is (sporadically) shining and it’s been a couple of days since we last had to wear a scarf.  At this time of year, young publishers’ thoughts turn to love.  And thus, our big Friday discussion is… which literary characters do you fancy? Personally, I’ve had a […]

Key Notes Issue 2 – heading out just as soon as the postman gets here!

Those of you who follow us on Twitter will know that yesterday was a proper mailing day as we franked, labelled and stuffed nearly 600 envelopes with Issue 2 of our newsletter… They now waiting patiently by the door for the postman to come and collect them (lucky man)- but if you’re a bookseller and just […]

A note from Dawn, who went to the Brits…

Those of you who follow Dawn on Twitter will know that she’s been busy writing a fabulous new book for us. Having said that, she’s still finding time to do SO many awesome things, we in the office have decided to live vicariously through her fun, starting with a night at the Brits… So, I […]

Awesome Craft Show in Clerkenwell RIGHT NOW

Every day, on my way in to the Hot Key Books office, I walk under the arch of the order of St John and then past the aways well-dressed craft central. This morning, they handed me a postcard advertising their ONE DAY DESIGNER SALE. I’d been admiring a stunning pink coat in the window for […]


We were completely overwhelmed with the amazing response we had to our Hot Key Challenge! So thank you one and all for the re-tweets, comments, and entries. We had one out and out winner however… (drum roll please….) Well done to Molly Ker Hawn! And thank you so much to the lovely Isla Dawes. Your […]

TOCCON Wednesday round up

After having Friay and a whole weekend to get over my jet lag, I still haven’t. And it means that I still haven’t blogged about the Wednesday of Tools of Change. If you’ve been interested in these posts, you should follow @toc on Twitter. It has great links to round ups and articles about the […]


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