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We love our tech too

With all this swooning over beautiful books, I feel compelled to point out that we love our gadgets too. Behold, the Hot Key machines… This loot is actually with FIVE people out of the office. (We miss you, Emily!) So, this is us at half-capacity. We’ve got something like: 15 smart phones, 1 not-smart phone, […]

Read and tell Mondays

And so another week begins – and it’s time again for our weekly Read and Tell Monday. I have been thoroughly glued to this all weekend: With Dickens fever sweeping the nation, and our new Hot Key home Clerkenwell being an old haunt of the revered author, I rediscovered this complete gem of a book […]

A note on your notes, from Dawn

After the fantastic response to this post a few weeks ago, we have a note on your notes from Dawn Porter herself…So thank you all for taking part, and enjoy: Oh my goodness me these made me laugh so much. The ‘THIS IS A BOMB’ one really got me. I can just imagine you guys […]

A beautiful thing

(From our lovely editor Georgia Murray) We think we have established that here at Hot Key we love books – and that we’re rather fond of beautiful ones too. So, inspired by swoonworthy sites like, here is the first in an occasional series in praise of beautiful books. None of us is questioning the […]

Dear Auntie Hot Key

Dear Auntie Naomi – I’m a young person who really wants to write fiction for Young Adults. I’ve written a book but I’m finding it really difficult to find anywhere that takes on unsolicited manuscripts. What’s worse, half the time I send things in and no one ever gets back to me. What do you […]

10 things you don’t realise you’ll need when setting up a publishing house (or stuff you’ve taken for granted before)…

1              It’s weird not having an ISBN prefix and having to get one raised.  Happily we have one now – 978-1-4714.  We did think we HKB few could get a tattoo, Lord of the Rings crew style, but then we realised that was taking it a bit far. 2              Who supplies the loo paper? 3              […]

Dear Auntie Hot Key

Dear Auntie Becca – I really want to get into publishing but I’m finding my current work experience really boring! All I do all day is photocopy stuff and make teas and coffees. I feel like no one is appreciating my talents – are they taking advantage of me? I heard on TV lots of […]

Dear Auntie Hot Key

Do you have questions? We’ve got answers! This week (and beyond?) the Hot Key aunties are answering your burning questions about publishing. Our first question is about getting your first job in publishing, answered by three people who have done just that. If you have any questions you’d like us to cover, just ask in […]

Read and tell Mondays

As you know, here at Hot Key, we are People Who Love Books, as witnessed with last week’s post here. And obviously we don’t only read books we might publish, or are publishing, so we thought every Monday, (in the vein of show and tell at school), we’ll stand up and tell you what we’ve […]

Why It’s Still Awesome To Be A Printing/Publishing House

This rather stirring and impressive sign was created in 1932 by a rather stirring and impressive woman, Beatrice Warde. Somewhat incredibly considering the age she was living in, Ward was the face and voice of the Monotype Corporation during the 1920’s and 1930’s, and according to Simon Garfield in Just My Type: ‘Just about every […]


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